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On My CBR you can easily and quickly arrange your business with the CBR. You must first log in with your own DigiD. Ensure that your data is sufficiently secure when you use a public computer. Are you ready? Do not forget to log out.

How does DigiD work?
You leave My CBR for a moment and end up on the DigiD website. After logging in with your personal DigiD you will automatically return to My CBR.

Do not have a DigiD? yet
Apply for DigiD on digid.nl. Never use a DigiD from someone else, including your parents, children, brother or sister. Can not you request a DigiD? Then authorize your driving school via this form (for reserving a practical exam or test for the passenger car). You can request an application form for a theory exam via customer service.

What is the Own Statement for
The Personal Statement contains eleven questions about your physical and mental condition. The CBR needs your own declaration to assess your suitability for driving. You must fill in this form for the exam application at the CBR.

Three types
There are three types of Own declarations: 

  • Self-declaration
  • Self-declaration with Medical report
  • Self-declaration with Medical report for C and D (lorry and bus)

    Where to buy and what does it cost
    You can easily buy and complete a Personal Statement on My CBR. You can also purchase a paper statement. This can be done at a theory exam center of the CBR (only with PIN), at many driving schools and at most municipalities. We advise you to check in advance whether your municipality sells the Personal Declaration at the counter.

The theory exam

The practical exam

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